What I’ve Discovered About Raised Dog Beds

What I've Discovered About Raised Dog Beds
This doesn’t look right.

I suspect some of you have raised dog beds and know why (I’d love to hear your stories). I’ve never bought one so I didn’t know why. Also referred to as “elevated beds,” they serve a very specific purpose that I didn’t know and have spent some time finding out.
So I’ve decided to jump into a review and figure out why they seem so popular. They’re all over Amazon and in many of the pet stores I’ve been to, so there must be something about them that attracts people. And dogs are loving them, hence the market.

Let’s discover why!

What I Didn’t Know

Before I began this website I knew very little, if anything, about raised dog beds. I’ve seen them occasionally and always wondered why folks would buy them. They appeared uncomfortable, awkward, and a potential fall-risk.

But yet when I saw a dog laying on a raised bed they looked content and quite happy. In my ignorance, I thought maybe toys could be stored underneath or the cat could stretch out and poke up at the dog in the manner only a cat knows how to irritate.

What I Now Know

I wanted to know why these beds were even needed and here’s what I found:

  • Some dogs get hot and an elevated bed can help keep them cool.
  • It lets the air circulate around your dog’s body.
  • If the bed is made of mesh then the air can also pass through the fabric.
  • Some dogs sleep on cold basement floors (or other cold floors) and the raised bed…raises them off of it.
  • If your dog stays in the kennel when you go away, these beds are portable and you could provide a raised bed for comfort (and they smell like home).
  • No stuffing or foam for your dog to chew on and make a mess with.
  • Easy to clean.

A properly built raised bed will provide firm and comfortable support for your dog. Add a comfy thin mattress or blanket and they’ll be quite content.

As I mentioned earlier, I had this weird idea that dogs would fall off a bed that wasn’t firmly planted right on the floor. It seemed they would forget they were up when they chased bunnies in their sleep. Not true apparently.

I’ve also found that for some dogs who have difficulty getting up, these beds were helpful because the dog only had to step down and stand up – they were halfway there already.

Examples of Raised Dog Beds

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed
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Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric
Price: Varies by Size

  • Small: 35 X 22 X 8
  • Medium: 42 X 25.5 X 8
  • Large: 51 X 31.5 X 8
  • Extra large: 59.8 X 37 X 8.85


Green, Grey, Terracotta, Nutmeg


  • This bed will elevate your dog 7 inches off the ground, which will provide the airflow needed to keep your dog cool.
  • The fabric is polyethylene and is breathable to help keep your dog cool.
  • The fabric also restricts those pesky critters like mites and fleas.
  • Resistant to mildew.
  • The frame is steel so it will support most dog sizes without collapsing (which I’m sure your dog will appreciate).
  • It’s portable so it’s easy to take camping, to the kennel, or to family when visiting.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great for outdoors and easy to wash and disinfect if needed.
  • There’re some concerns with the exposed metal corners and one customer was annoyed that his most recent purchase had plastic corners now. Make sure you check this out because there’s a lot of stress placed on the bed’s frame.

This bed has over 10,000 reviews on Amazon with 68% being 5 stars.

Kuranda Dog Bed – Chewproof – All Aluminum for Indoor/Outdoor

Kuranda Dog Bed
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Price: Varies by Size

  • Small: 30 X 20
  • Medium: 35 X 23
  • Large: 40 X 25
  • Extra Large: 44 X 27


Smoke, Burgundy, Forest Green, Gold


  • This bed will be of interest for everyone but specifically for those of you who have dogs who like to chew. The frame is lightweight and made from chew proof high strength aluminum.
  • The manufacturer notes that it won’t catch dog hair because of its smooth finish, which would be useful for breeds that tend to shed a lot.
  • The larger beds will support dogs up to 250 pounds (If there’s a bigger dog I’d like to hear about it).
  • This is another bed that’s known for its ease of cleaning, which is great for both outdoor and indoor use and especially when its used at a public kennel.


  • A common theme with raised dog beds is that it sometimes takes a dog a few days and some prompting to get them to use the bed. Treats would be recommended.
  • The Kuranda bed is a little more expensive but has been outlasting some of the other raised beds out there.
  • Easy to assemble within half an hour (more if your critter’s helping).
  • Great for dogs with hip or other joint problems as well as for post-surgery.

This bed has 165 reviews on Amazon with 85% being 5 stars.

K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot

K&H Manufacturing Original Cot Bed
Click Image To Buy

Price: Varies by Size

  • Small: 17 X 22 X 7
  • Medium: 25 X 32 X 7
  • Large: 30 X 42 X 7
  • Extra Large: 32 X 50 X 9


Chocolate/Mesh, Grey/Mesh, Chocolate/Black


  • This raised bed is different in that it includes a mesh center (hence the colors up above). The mesh should help your dog to remain cooler.
  • It comes with rubber feet to help maintain its stability and not slide.
  • The frame can hold a dog up to 150 pounds so if your dog is heavy this may not be the bed for you.
  • Can clean it with a cloth or with a hose.
  • Can be folded up for travel or kennels.


  • The beds set up fairly quickly and can be disassembled for travel.
  • Dogs take to the bed fairly quickly, especially with a blanket thrown on top.
  • Some customers are also buying the canopy that can go over the top.
  • NOTE: there are some customer reviews that state the bed didn’t last for too long: anywhere from thirty minutes to six months. So please check this bed out carefully and ensure you get the right size bed for your dog, based on length, height, and weight.

Final Thoughts

These are only three of many brands and types of raised dog beds. I encourage you to check these out and take a look at what else is out there for your dog.

Like I said at the beginning of the article, I didn’t really know a lot about this type of bed before I began looking into them. It’s October now here in Canada so I won’t get to test one of these out on the back deck, which is what I really want to try. I’m curious if they will provide the comfort in the hot weather that they promise.

Do any of you have or have used one of these beds? I’d really like to hear your stories. They look like a great alternative, especially that they’re raised anywhere from 7 to 9 inches. This might be great for older, stiff dogs who have trouble getting up off the floor. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Discovered About Raised Dog Beds

  1. Well that was interesting. I didn’t know why there were raised beds for dogs. Keeping them cooler makes a lot of sense. We never had raised beds for our dogs. They had big fluffy pillow beds on the floor, or slept on our bed. I thought the same as you that dogs could fall off the bed in their sleep. Good to know they don’t! Does the raised bed need to be about the same size as the bed on the floor to fit your dog properly? Or should it be bigger?

    • Yes, I would recommend that both the raised bed and the floor Bed are the same size and are appropriate for your dog’s size. I plan to have one of these out on the back deck next summer and secretly watch our dogs to see if any voluntarily check it out. Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.

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