This Waterproof, Memory Foam Dog Bed Is A Winner

Product Name: Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

Manufacturer: Linen Spa

Price: Varies

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars on Amazon

Warranty: 3 years


I was researching other dog beds when I stumbled upon this Brindle dog bed on Amazon.  They have is advertised as an “Amazon’s Choice,” so I kept the tab open on my computer for two weeks because I wanted to know why.

Because I was intrigued, I thought you might be, too.


This bed is 4 inches thick, made up of 2 inches of high-density support foam and 2 inches of memory foam.  OK, that’s two great things about it already.  What else?


In order to meet the definition of waterproof, it needs to be, of course, waterproof.  So how do they do that?  There’s a waterproof layer that protects the foam from anything coming from the outside.

Another great thing about the mattress is that it’s waterproof on all sides, top and bottom.  That means that nothing is soaking in that you don’t know about.

Being made of two layers of foam, the mattress dissuades dogs from chewing it to pieces, which is good if your pet likes to destroy their bed within days of getting it.


In order to make the bed comfortable for your dog, it has a zippered cover that can be removed and washed and dried. The waterproof vinyl can then be wiped off and cleaned and deodorized if necessary.  Once the cover is clean just slip it back on and your dog’s bed is ready.

The zipper is located on the bottom of two sides to make it easy to remove and put back.  This feature makes it tougher for dogs to reach and destroy.

The cover also has a non-slip bottom to ensure the bed stays in place; particularly handy if there’s a race for the bed.



Small: 22 X 16

Medium: 34.5 X 22.5

Large: 46 X 28


Charcoal Velour, Navy Trellis, Red Sherpa

This dog bed is available for Amazon Global Priority Shipping at checkout so it is possible to have it delivered within a few days of order.


  • This dog bed is ideal for dog crates if you need one.  They’re intentionally fitted to fit inside most crates.  Make sure you know the size needed, however.
  • The bed is delivered all packaged up so you’ll need to give it a bit of time to expand.  Customers aren’t reporting any great lengths of time so it should be ready to use by bedtime tonight.


  • Brindle does not make a replacement cover for this bed, much to the chagrin of many owners wanting to buy a new cover.
  • There seems to be some concern about the cover and how well it will withstand wear and tear from individual dogs.

Comments From Others

This Brindle Dog Bed has over 450 ratings on Amazon with 73% of them being 5 stars.

  • Many owners are enjoying the solidness that memory foam provides.
  • Dogs are settling on these fantastic beds rather quickly.
  • There are some concerns that the covers are not as durable as preferred so this is something to be aware of; especially because replacement covers are not available.
  • Lots of comments on how wonderfully it fits the crate.
  • Customers who like the bed are buying more than one; whether it’s because they have more than one dog or they want one for inside the house and one for the crate.
  • The cover designs seem to fit most home decors.

Final Thoughts

My initial interest in this bed has proven to be for good reason.

This bed lands right in the middle of cheap and expensive while offering solid memory foam and a washable cover.  the colors are simple and will very like suit your home so no worries if you’re concerned about matching.

I’m glad I kept this page open on my computer.  I think this is a fantastic bed and can comfortably recommend it, even with the “cons” listed above.

Have you used a Brindle dog bed?  What’s been your experience?  The company seems responsive to concerns so if you’ve had a good or not good experience, please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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