Dog Beds For Medium Sized Dogs – “The Middle Child”

Medium Size Dog BedsSome of us know what it’s like to be the infamous middle child, the one who has to fight for attention because they’re not the firstborn nor the small cute baby of the family who is spoiled (according to the older kids).

It seems that sometimes dog beds for medium-sized dogs are akin to this: They’re not too big to lay on the small bed and all dogs can fit on a large bed. So why consider a specific bed for those dogs in the middle (some of which are borderline one way or the other)?

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What I’ve Discovered About Raised Dog Beds

What I've Discovered About Raised Dog Beds
This doesn’t look right.

I suspect some of you have raised dog beds and know why (I’d love to hear your stories). I’ve never bought one so I didn’t know why. Also referred to as “elevated beds,” they serve a very specific purpose that I didn’t know and have spent some time finding out.
So I’ve decided to jump into a review and figure out why they seem so popular. They’re all over Amazon and in many of the pet stores I’ve been to, so there must be something about them that attracts people. And dogs are loving them, hence the market.

Let’s discover why!

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