Some Things To Know About Heated Dog Beds

Does your dog get cold easily? Some dogs, due to age or ailments, get cold easier, regardless if they’re inside or outside. And it’s heartbreaking to see your baby shivering.

Our Beagle is one of these. At 14 years old and two major tumor surgeries, she’s more prone to shiver. We keep a close eye on her when she’s outside during the winter and bring her in as soon as her extra-strong Beagle nose is done inspecting and ensuring her backyard is secure.

We make sure she has a blanket to curl up on or a warm body to sit with when she comes back in, but it still takes her a while to stop shivering.

Now I’m wondering about a heated dog bed or blanket and if it’s worth investing in one. So I thought I would do some research and share it here.

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