Is Your Dog Worth These Luxury Dog Beds?

I asked a friend who owns a couple of small dogs what she looks for in a dog bed.  One word: “Cute!”

And tell me this picture isn’t cute.  However, it certainly wouldn’t qualify as a comfy dog bed.

OK, if that’s the only criteria then what’s her options?  It turns out she has a lot of choices when it comes to looking for a luxury dog bed that’s cute – and usually a bit more pricey.  But to each their own and I know her dogs are loved and likely a bit spoiled.

What Are Luxury Dog Beds?

Let’s first go to the definition of luxury: “The state of great comfort and elegance, especially when involving great expense.”

Great comfort I get; we all want it for ourselves and our dogs.  No question.  And there are plenty of reviews on this website of comfortable – and practical – beds for your dogs.

I think the defining line with a luxury bed is elegance – a word that stirs images of beauty, sophistication, and relaxation.  Who wouldn’t want to live in this state?  And if we can do this for our best friends (the four-legged ones) and can afford to, then why not?

Some of these luxury dog beds resemble houses, including dog houses, and bunk beds, while others take on their own meaning, depending on what the owner prefers – even a shark!

What I’m curious about though, how many cats take these for their own, leaving the dog out in the cold?

Are They For You Or The Dog?

Our home may not be a mansion or in the newest neighborhood.  Perhaps you live in a one-bedroom apartment or in a mobile home park.  A dog’s bed doesn’t take up a lot of room and if you have the resources, why not set them up in luxury and elegance?

I’ve read some reviews where the dogs actually like the beds, especially the cave type, and the owners have a great conversation starter when family and friends come over.  I guess the ooo’ing and aww’ing are worth it – and what dog doesn’t like to be fussed over?

Where Can You Buy Luxury?

There are many websites, such as Amazon, that offer these beds.  They’re also a good place to do some research on your own and see what’s available.  I offer a few examples below.

When I was researching for this article though, I found a number of places, many are local shops, that refer to themselves as “Chic” – which meets our definition, “elegantly and stylishly fashionable.”  So if you’re fortunate enough to live in a town or city with one of these stores then go and take a first-hand look.

I’ve found a few dog beds that border on luxury at the usual pet stores but their shelf space is primarily reserved for the various sizes in “practical beds,” which is maybe why dog owners like myself are more accustomed to buying these.

A Review of A Few Luxury Dog Beds

SKL Luxury High-End double Pet House

Price: $19.99

Size: 22 X 16 X 17.  The door is 8 X 9 (approx.)

Colors: Coffee/Black


It’s important to note that this dog bed (house actually) is intended for dogs under 11 pounds so I would recommend that you stay within that to ensure the bed lasts.  The bed is made with high-density foam and the material is soft and plush so it will be cozy enough.


  • Because this is cave-like, owners with cats are having some difficulty keeping their feline out (cats recognize no one’s boundaries, right?).  Even though this dog bed is reviewed as such, many people purchase this bed for their cats as well.
  • Many owners are commenting on how easily this dog bed/house sets up and is promptly used.
  • There are some complaints with how quickly this house bed might collapse so in all fairness you should be aware of that as well.

This bed has over 300 reviews on Amazon with 66% being five stars.

Enchanted Home Pet Quicksilver Pet Sofa Bed

Price: $92.99

Size: 34 X 3 X 15.5 inches

Color: Silver


This plush, sofa-bed for dogs will hold up to 30 pounds.  The higher sides and shape should be a deterrent for large or extra-large dogs trying to claim it as their own.  The cushion cover is removable for washing and because this bed is elevated it allows for a draft around and under your dog.


  • Lots of comments on how the owners, and more importantly the dogs, are loving this bed.
  • Even with the selection of only one color many owners are stating that it matches their decor, whether in the living room or the bedroom.
  • There are comments about the cushion not exactly matching the size of the bed but all in all, over a period of time, they seem to fit better with use.

This sofa dog bed has 55 reviews on Amazon with 80% being five stars.

Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

Price: Varies according to size

Size: Small, Large, Extra-large

Colors: Many shades from white, to blue, to red, to green, to black.  A total of 24 shades altogether.


This is referred to as a “snoozer cave” because it is only open on one side.  The cover is set back half way so your dog isn’t totally hidden (and can still see you).  The cover is machine-washable and the exterior is made from polycotton with the interior have cedar/poly filling.


  • Owners are commenting that this cave-bed is perfect for dogs who like to be covered with blankets – such as your own if you let them.
  • While this seems perfect for smaller, short-haired breeds, large dogs are also enjoying burrowing themselves in the back.
  • Easy to get out and in.

This cozy dog bed cave bed has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon with 71% of them being five stars.

Final Thoughts

So I’m sold!

I’ve realized that I’m the practical, sleep on a “regular” bed kind of dog owner.  But during my reviews, and there are many other luxury dog beds than what’s listed here, I’m seeing some practicality to these beds.

  • Two of our dogs love sleeping under the blankets of our bed.
  • My son always puts a blanket over his beagle when he’s leaving.
  • Dogs like to be pampered and spoiled.

So “cute” is a good reason to go looking for a special bed. although it should be practical as well given that your dog will be sleeping hours there.

Let me know if you have a fancy dog bed.  I’d love to know what type you have and what you and your dog(s) think about it.

Thanks for reading.





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