I Wish I Knew About Memory Foam Dog Beds For Large Dogs

I wish I knew about memory foam dog beds for large dogsWe lost our Australian Shepherd about four years ago. We rescued him from a home that was going to put him down about six years before that, so we lived some great years with him while the kids were growing up.

That’s him in the picture to the right, laying on the carpet at the top of the stairs. We didn’t realize he didn’t have many more months before he stopped coming upstairs but I’ll cover that below. No one told us, and it didn’t occur to us to research memory foam dog beds for large dogs or any dogs for that matter.

Why Kramer Needed One

Kramer’s hips were going on him, meaning he now had hip dysplasia. Laying down anywhere and getting up were becoming difficult and even painful for him. Like most dogs, he was always brave about it and would wag his tail as if to say, “I’m okay as long as you’re here with me.”

Every night he used to follow us upstairs and stay all night. A bit of a humorous side note: for a big dog he always thought it was totally fine to hop up on the bed and stretch out between my wife and I. As I went to bed second, I would usually scratch behind his ears until his pleasurable groaning became a bit too loud. After a few minutes, he would hop down and lay on the blanket in front of our closet.

But over time, and as his hips became worse and worse, he eventually stopped following us up to bed. Sometimes a dog just knows, right? Our neighbor’s dog didn’t and he actually fell down the stairs and broke his spine. Sad but true. Kramer knew better and just stopped coming upstairs of his own volition. He whined for a bit when he first started and we could hear him, but he never tried coming up again.

However, even when downstairs with his people he needed a proper bed – and we didn’t invest the money to get him one. We actually had no idea about memory foam dog beds and likely would have jumped at it if we had known.

What Did He Have?

I’m almost ashamed to say it but Kramer had an inexpensive foam bed on the main floor of the house. And oftentimes it would be taken over by one of our other dogs, and he was too polite to say anything although he was the biggest of the three of them.

Just because our dogs “look comfortable” on the hardwood floor, or any floor for that matter, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for them. We invest a lot of our time and money in our dogs and a bed should have been at the top of our priority list for Kramer. And growing up “old school” is not an excuse either. Just because we didn’t have dog beds when I was a kid didn’t mean I should carry on with that tradition.

The Difference A Memory Foam Bed Would Have Made

Not knowing about orthopedic dog beds is not a good reason to not do my homework. We’re surrounded by family members and friends who have dogs and have bought them appropriate beds.

We do care about and love our dogs (don’t get me wrong about that) and have always had at least one dog since getting married 23 years ago but for a couple of fairly intelligent people, we could have done better for Kramer. We would have been so pleased knowing that we had invested in his comfort. And as I’m sure you know, his eyes would have confirmed that to us every time he looked at us.

Another bit of an aside: if Kramer had a memory foam bed, we’d now have it for our Lab. He’s not in dire straights right now but at eight years old he should have one already. Yes, yes, time to go buy a large memory foam dog bed, I know.

He Would Have Been Comfortable Towards The End

While a memory foam bed wouldn’t have necessarily prolonged Kramer’s life it would have made him more comfortable towards the end. And we could have shooed the other dogs off of it so he was the one who benefited.

We were actually prepared to put him to sleep earlier than we did but our son was insistent that there was more that we should try to do – and there was. The vet helped with medication and other recommendations but at no time did we consider a memory foam bed as part of the treatment.

And I think that’s one of the most important thing all of us dog owners need to remember: a proper bed for the proper dog. They spend so much of their time laying down when in the house that I think we can all agree that having their own bed targeting their own needs is important.

My Final Thoughts

My wife, daughter, and son went with me when it was time to put him to sleep (sounds better than putting him down). It became a true bonding moment for all of us as we sat on the floor around him and stroked him as he took his last breath.

But lesson learned, if you have a dog then do all you can to take care of the dog, including his comfort at home. And this actually starts earlier in their lives than when we did. Kramer would have been a “happy puppy” with the right bed at the right time. Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “I Wish I Knew About Memory Foam Dog Beds For Large Dogs

  1. I like the color and the the clean design of your website.

    I never put that much thought into memory foam for my fur baby, but your blog was full of information and let us into a personal side which allowed me to connect. I really liked that.

    I would add another photo or two. Perhaps a close up of a dog bed or memory foam.

    • Hi.  Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your comments about the site.  It’s been evolving and the colours are fairly new.  And I do have more pictures of our dogs; what dog lovers don’t proudly show their pals?  I wish we had checked out memory foam for our old Kramer.  Definitely aware of it now and will be on the hunt for our current older dogs.

  2. I have been looking for a bed for our dog (Zoey). She is getting old, she is about 11 we think. We adopted her from a shelter 6 years ago and they thought she was about 4-5 years old at that time. I am so glad I found this article. My wife and I have been talking about getting Zoey a bed. She is starting to get up rather slowly, and we have all hardwood floors in the house. Now that I am typing this, I feel horrible for not getting her a suitable bed before now. Memory foam sounds like the way to go. Do you know what is involved with cleaning a memory foam dog bed? Maybe I could put a cover over it. Also, does the foam start to smell at all? Thanks for sharing this article, I really appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi and thanks for sharing your story about Zoey.  A memory foam bed might be just the thing she needs.  If the foam is too big to go into the washer, you can wash it in the bathtub.  I would recommend a mild soap so as not irritate her.  Then a few days to dry out.  Regular washing should keep the smell down.  A washable bed cover is also a good idea.  We have two of our beds covered and can easily throw them in the wash.  The other two get a tub wash.

  3. Hi Rick,
    I enjoyed reading this engaging post. A memory foam dog bed does seem like an excellent choice. My dogs tend to join me on my own memory foam mattress at night. 🙂 But having a dog bed for the great room would be a lot easier for them than lying on the hard laminate flooring. Do you have a recommendation regarding good brands to choose? Thanks for the info!

    • Hi.  Thanks for your story, I love reading these.  We have beds for our dogs on both levels of our house, including our own bed for one of them (but that’s another story).  They do tend to follow us around, right?  I think a good bed on the laminate would be appreciated by your dogs, buy one and put it down and see how long it takes them.  I’m not sure what size of dogs you have but I had reviewed an orthopedic bed for small dogs and you can read about it here.  If you’re dogs are larger then this link will take you to other beds.  Enjoy.  https://thedogbedlifestyle.com

  4. Hi Rick, I put my dog to sleep a year ago as the pain of cancer becomes unbearable for her. So I know how it’s like to face that type of loss.

    In regards to memory foam, I am going to speak from my own personal experience. Not because I have hip dysplasia, but I do suffer from a severe back pain/sciatica for a year and after spending thousands on chiro sessions, I finally decided to change my mattress to memory foam.

    In the first few weeks, I didn’t feel any better but after 30 days or so, my muscles and the soreness at my buttock started to ease and more than 90% of my pain is now gone, thanks to memory foam technology.

    I believe that this is something that could work for large breed dogs, coupled with pain and joint support medication. Our canine companions can’t speak for themselves so by experiencing the positive impact it has on our bodies, we should be able to relate to their level of pain a lot better.

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