Get Your Dog Their Own Pad With This Bestseller Heated Pet Bed

Owning a dog is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. How many of you have had a dog from puppyhood to adulthood? If you’re like me you’ve likely had a few over your lives.

We also chose to get dogs for our kids so they would grow up learning how to care for them, “through sickness and in health.” (That’s our son’s dog at 8 weeks.)

With all the advances in technology today it’s great to know that our best friends haven’t been forgotten. Now, whether your dog is a puppy, is sick, or old with numbered days, you can give them heated pet beds for all their ails and age.

This review is one that Amazon has as a bestseller and it’s for use indoors and outdoors.


Product Name:Milliard Indoor/Outdoor Heated Pet Pad – 18×18″ with Fleece Mat, Warming Bed for your Dog, Cat, Kitty or Bunny

Manufacturer: Milliard

Price: Varies with size

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon


Small: 18 X 13

Large: 18 X 18

Color: the pad itself is black and has a tan fleece cover

Energy Efficient: Uses only 30 Watts


This pet pad can be used both indoors and outdoors as it comes with a sturdy ABS plastic housing to protect it from the elements. It also comes with a fitted fleece cover for added comfort for your dog.

If you’re like me, anytime you hear dog and electricity together you wonder if the bed or pad is actually safe because dogs have those big canine teeth that oftentimes like to be kept busy. but no worries with this dog mat, the cord is protected by a non-toxic PVC-coated cord – and you’ll be glad to know that it’s chew-resistant.


This pet mat has an internal self-regulating thermostat that keeps the temperature around 102 F. The cord is 6 feet long and, as noted previously, is chew-resistant.

CAUTION: Chew-resistant doesn’t mean chew-proof. For most of us, a chew-resistant cord would suffice. However, let’s be realistic, some dog’s mission in life is to chew through anything and everything. Just ask our lab with the $6,000.00 belly after he destroyed plastic, wood, and most everything else while he was growing up (he’s fine now).

This mat can also be used for dog houses, dog crates, and even the kennel if you need to board your dog for any time.

Even though this dog pad is intended for use outside, it is still advisable (and recommended by the Manufacturer, to not have it somewhere that it will get rained on. It has an electrical cord and we don’t let our own electronics get wet. That’s the best way to treat an electric pet bed, just as you would your electronics.

Shipping: if you use Amazon, this product is available for AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping, which means you can have it from a few days to a week. Oh, gift-wrap is available should you want to surprise your dog.


  • Indoor/outdoor (weatherproof, except for the cover)
  • Chew-resistant cord
  • This is a great heating pad for your cat(s) as well; just don’t tell the dog they have to share
  • No on/off switch which is fine for the winter but you may need to regulate it more in as the weather warms and cools
  • The plastic cover of the pad itself is easy to clean, even disinfect if necessary


  • Limited cover options; however, you can use a dog blanket, which will warm up as well
  • Don’t assume it’s chew-proof (know your dog)
  • The pad itself has been noted to be rather rigid and the cover doesn’t really provide enough comfort for some dogs but, again, extra padding or a blanket can be added.
  • Some dog beds or mats come with a thermostat that allows you to control the heat as well as the duration.

Comments From Others

This Milliard Indoor/Outdoor Heated Pet Pad with Fleece Mat has 169 ratings on Amazon with 68% of them being 5 stars.

  • Users are generally pleased with how well this pad heats up.
  • Those who use it in the dog house are generally satisfied
  • Most are satisfied with the price (depending on the size purchased)
  • Many customers have stated that they are very satisfied, have purchased more than one of these heated pads, and would buy another one if needed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, for the price of about $40.00 for the small pad and $44.00 for the larger pad, this one is meeting expectations, whether you’re looking for an indoor, outdoor, or both. Customers are generally satisfied and the manufacturer seems responsive to any concerns.

I would still advise that you ensure the cord will truly be chew-resistant for your dog. Don’t go to any electric anything for your dog if they’re determined to take on the challenge – this one could hurt if they lose.

Does anyone have any experience using a heated pet bed, whether for your dog, cat, bunny, or turtle (yes, some do get a heated pad for their turtles)? Many of us know the value of a heated blanket so the same would be true for your dog.

Let us know in the comments below what your experience has been.

Thanks for reading.

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