Dog Beds For Medium Sized Dogs – “The Middle Child”

Medium Size Dog BedsSome of us know what it’s like to be the infamous middle child, the one who has to fight for attention because they’re not the firstborn nor the small cute baby of the family who is spoiled (according to the older kids).

It seems that sometimes dog beds for medium-sized dogs are akin to this: They’re not too big to lay on the small bed and all dogs can fit on a large bed. So why consider a specific bed for those dogs in the middle (some of which are borderline one way or the other)?

Who Are The Middle-Sized Dogs?

As I’m sure you can imagine, different breeds are included depending on who’s writing the list. These run the gamut from a basset hound to a Shepherd and even back to a beagle and a Springer. If you’re not sure, a quick search online will reveal multiple lists and a breed that will match most any family’s needs.

They typically stand 18 to 22 inches at the shoulder and weigh around the 40 to 60-pound range. For some, like my family, this is a great size and weight and, dare I say, make them comfortably close enough to be a lap dog. That’s a preference of course, and you have to realize your furniture becomes the dog’s beds even when you’re not there.

But I digress.

The majority of our dogs would be classified as medium-sized. Thinking back, I think it’s because:

  • They’re easier to handle, whether taking them for a walk, ride, or cuddle.
  • While I don’t like to make sweeping assumptions about dogs, the majority of our medium sizers have been fairly calm and peaceful (this doesn’t include our current dog who’s on “happy pills” because she’s always stressed and anxious).
  • The kids each had their own dogs when they were growing up and, except for the runt-of-the-litter beagle, found this size of dog perfect for playing and cuddling.
  • My wife has many antiques and breakables and we never could see a large dog, like a Dane, wondering willy-nilly with tail a-wagging.
  • And small dogs have never been us; we’ve just never been attracted to them. I’ve been nipped in the heals too many times to count and really have had no interest in a smaller dog.
  • They’re great alarm systems. I’m not sure that folks are as worried about a little dog, and a big dog, well, most of us would think we’re already in trouble if we can’t see him but his bark is somewhere around our head. We’ve always had no trouble with our mid-sized dog alerting us and scaring away whoever dares tread to our door.

Is There Anything Specific You Need To Know?

Not really; they’re dogs of a different size and weight, but still our best friend. But it is important to know if you’re able to manage a medium-sized dog if you’ve always had a small or large one. A lot of people seem to start in the middle when choosing their first dog or needing to replace or add to their current pack.

If you’re just choosing one, the American Kennel Club thinks that Cocker Spaniels, Bulldogs (I’ve never owned one of these but have always been fascinated by them), and Brittany Spaniels are great choices to start with. We have owned a Brittany and absolutely adored him so I can highly recommend one of these if you’re wondering.

And I don’t know if it’s me but our medium dogs haven’t seemed to have a lot of health issues, which of course would depend on the breed. Sure, as they’ve gotten older they were slowing down and their bodies were getting stiff, sore, and they needed to go to the vet more often, but that’s to be expected.

Benefits Of A Proper Medium Sized Dog Bed

Medium sized dogs seem to fit most anywhere but nothing so annoying as your favorite chair. How many times have you had to shoo them off before you could sit down, oftentimes with a cup of coffee or a plateful of food in hand?

So get them their own bed, and get them one that fits them, made for their own size. Allow them to get cozy on a flat bed or one with bolsters (sides). It may not initially keep them off your chair but it will give them somewhere else to go, get comfy, and keep an alert eye on you should you be foolish enough to get up.

Needing A Few Examples?

Sofantex Pet Line Pet Beds
Click Image To Buy

 When reviewing beds online, I was quickly attracted to the “Sofantex Pet Line Medium Size Pet Beds Paw Print Blue.” Fairly inexpensive at $33.36 (American) 25 X 21 X 8 inches and is machine washable (always a bonus).

Satisfied customers are enjoying how comfortable their dog appears to be and oftentimes had different dogs springing to get to it first, always a positive sign.

Another bed that I can personally vouch for is the “Armakat Pet Bed Mat.” We have a few of these in our home and they really put up with a lot of wear and tear…and dogs. We currently have four furry friends so seating (laying) is limited.

Armakat Pet Bed Mat
Click Image To Buy

 This bed is made with heavy-duty canvas and is water and skid-proof (the latter being really important in our home kennel). It also has a zippered lining, which makes it easy to take apart and wash. It’s 28 X 22 X 5 inches so it’s plenty big enough and thick enough. There are mixed reviews on Amazon about this bed but again, speaking from personal experience, we’re totally happy with ours.

Final Thoughts

I suspect many of us buy dog beds based on what size our dog is. And beds for medium size dogs are probably some of the easiest to buy, especially if you have more than one dog as it’s like a one-size-fits-all.

But do take the time to know your dog’s height, length, and weight so when you are looking to buy a new bed you get one that’s right for your dog. Also, I think it’s important to consider whether or not you want a bed with sides. Our beagle has one and when we’re going to bed she often has her head on the top or she’s snuggled herself into the corner.

What are your experiences with your medium size dog and beds? Do you get what looks about right or do you go on a hunt for the perfect bed that will be what your dogs need? Leave me a comment below and share your story.

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