Some Things To Know About Heated Dog Beds

Does your dog get cold easily? Some dogs, due to age or ailments, get cold easier, regardless if they’re inside or outside. And it’s heartbreaking to see your baby shivering.

Our Beagle is one of these. At 14 years old and two major tumor surgeries, she’s more prone to shiver. We keep a close eye on her when she’s outside during the winter and bring her in as soon as her extra-strong Beagle nose is done inspecting and ensuring her backyard is secure.

We make sure she has a blanket to curl up on or a warm body to sit with when she comes back in, but it still takes her a while to stop shivering.

Now I’m wondering about a heated dog bed or blanket and if it’s worth investing in one. So I thought I would do some research and share it here.

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How To Wash A Dog Bed To Help It Last Longer

How many of us love watching our dogs dream, roll around, and follow our every move from the comfort of their dog bed? I do! Now, how many of us have ever contemplated how to wash a dog bed? Me? Not very often.

Besides the obvious shedding, saliva, and stains, have you ever wondered what else might be living on and in your dog’s bed? Maybe ticks, lice, and dirt? Oh, and an unwashed bed can give an unwanted odor in your house; think of that before the big dinner-party this weekend.

We wash our own bedding – why not our dog’s? Here are some helpful tips…

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What’s An Orthopedic Dog Bed?

Lab on Memory Foam Orthopedic BedWhen I began this website I really had no idea of the different types of dog beds. Coming across the terms “orthopedic” and “dog beds,” I must admit to being a little confused and remember thinking, “What’s an orthopedic dog bed?”

While no expert, I was able to gather enough information to provide a reasonable explanation, which is what follows.

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How To Choose A Dog Bed That’s Right For Your Dog

How to choose a dog bed that your dog will like
For the right bed – I’ll move!

There’s a lot of information on the internet about how to choose a dog bed that both you and your dog will like. This post won’t go into all the detail that’s readily available to you but will highlight some things that I think you need to be aware of.

But here’s the thing: no one knows your dog better than you and sometimes we overthink or research something until we get our tails twisted in the proverbial knot of indecision. You don’t need to do that. Trust that you know what’s best for your dog because, well, they’re one of the family and you just know.

Here are some things you can easily take into consideration and take action on:

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