Are Chew Proof Dog Beds, Well, Chew Proof?

Chew Resistant Dog BedsOK, I’ve had many dogs over my 59 years as has my family, my friends, the neighbors, and, well, just about everybody I know. And regardless of dog breed most of them rip about apart most everything they can sink their teeth into, especially as puppies.

So when I came across some “chew proof dog beds” (catch the quotes) I was somewhat (a lot actually) skeptical. Are they really what they claim or do they merely slow the dog down? Maybe 50/50. Let’s take a look.

Let’s Define “Chew Proof”

Would you agree with me that most of us would define this as “never being able to chew the bed to shreds?” That was my initial thought and I must admit to being skeptical.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines chew this way: “To crush, grind, or gnaw” and “to injure, destroy, or consume.” Yup, that’s the dog we know.

I suspect you’re reading this post because your dog has destroyed a bed, you’re fearful they’ll destroy a new bed, or, like me, you’re really curious if such a thing as a chew proof dog bed even exists. Read on.

Beds Aren’t Indestructible – Just Ask A Determined Dog

Saying dogs and indestructible beds in the same breath seems to be somewhat of a misnomer. I for one find it difficult to believe that a bed could withstand the assault of a determined dog, and some are much worse than others.

For example, our Lab’s stomach is worth something like $6,000.00. When he was younger he chewed, ate, and destroyed wood, plastic, and all manner of things that a normal dog wouldn’t touch. Hence, the extensive stomach operations. Fortunately, many years later, he seems to have gotten over these chew toys.

But in fairness, for the average dogs, a non-chewable dog bed will hold up. Here’s why…

How These Beds Are Different

Chew-proof dog beds use a tougher and higher grade material. Some are made with what’s known as a polyester ripstock fabric while others are made from a material that is similar to canvas and still others are made with the tried and true denim.

On some beds, the zippers on the cover are heavy-duty and the corners made with double-stitched seams and reinforced corners.

With this kind of construction, there’s a better chance that your dog won’t destroy the bed the minute you bring it home. Remember, though, these beds are not necessarily indestructible but are made to be chew-resistant so they last longer.

Let’s take a look at some of these tough beds.

A Review Of Top-Rated Chew Proof Dog Beds

K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Dog Bed

Click Image to Buy

Price: Varies by size


  • Small: 18 X 24 X 5
  • Medium: 27 X 33 X5
  • Large: 34 X 40 X 5
  • Extra-Large: 38 X 54 X 5
  • Extra/Extra-Large: 40 X 68 X 5


Black, Blue, Gray Camo, Green, Green Camo, Lattice, Marine Blue Stripe, Red, Sunny Sky Stripe, Tan


This bed is not for heavy chewers but will hold up to some chewing – light to moderate. With this caveat, the manufacturer is quite prepared to stand behind their product and offer a 90-day guarantee on the cover. This bed is also resistant to scratching, dirt, and odors and can be easily washed when needed.


  • Some owners are claiming success with this bed and how it’s nicely held up for up to a year, which has included some traveling and constant use. One owner has had one of these beds for 2 years…and counting.
  • Because this bed doesn’t have a zipper, those dogs who are inclined to search for them will be disappointed.
  • Numerous owners are claiming this bed as their favorite.

This bed has over 600 reviews on Amazon with 69% being 5 stars.

Sleeping Ruff Large Pet Bed

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Price: $94.99

Size: 24 X 38 X 6

Color: Blue


This bed has a foam base but then is covered with memory foam, so it will be great for older dogs or any dogs with hip or joint pain that needs the extra support. The bed is made with heavyweight denim that is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic. The cover is chew and tear resistant and can be washed. There is a heavy-duty zipper that is lead-free, which is good for those dogs who are attracted to zippers and, if they’re not trying to unzip may at the very least lick it. This bed also comes with a waterproof cover and, for those dogs who like to hit the bed running, a non-slip base.


  • Owners appreciate how well-made this bed is.
  • One owner refers to this bed as “tough as nails,” living up to its chew-resistant reputation.

There are only 4 comments on Amazon but 75% of them give this bed a 5-star rating.

Kuranda Dog Bed – Chewproof – All Aluminum (Elevated)

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Price: Varies by size.

Colors: Burgundy, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Smoke


  • Small: 30 X 20
  • Medium: 35 X 23
  • Large: 40 X 25
  • Extra Large: 44 X 27


These are elevated dog beds and can be used indoors and outdoors. The frame is lightweight aircraft grade aluminum while the cover is a heavy-duty solid vinyl and is easy to clean. This dog bed is intended for all types and sizes of dogs so for those of you have large to extra-large dogs you’ll be happy to know that it can support up to 250 pounds.


  • A Fairly easy conclusion to make is that this bed doesn’t allow your dog many places to chew. The metal frame and the tight fabric is appreciated.
  • This bed has been well-used by a couple of Great Danes.
  • The rubber feet keep this bed in place.
  • Some owners report buying a second bed like this because the first one has lived up to their expectations.

This bed has over 300 reviews on Amazon with 87% being 5-stars.

Final Thoughts

OK, I’m convinced. While not indestructible these heavy-duty beds seem to be living up to their reputation. There are many options as noted above and, while not totally chew-proof, these beds are loved by many (maybe not by the frustrated dog, however).

I can now definitely recommend these beds after taking some time to dig into their hype. Of course, any bed is not going to withstand the serious chewer but there are definitely options that you should look into.

What about you? Do you have a dog that likes to chew through their beds? Have you found something that works? If so, leave a comment below and let others know what you’ve found.

Thanks for reading.






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