Some Things To Know About Heated Dog Beds

Does your dog get cold easily? Some dogs, due to age or ailments, get cold easier, regardless if they’re inside or outside. And it’s heartbreaking to see your baby shivering.

Our Beagle is one of these. At 14 years old and two major tumor surgeries, she’s more prone to shiver. We keep a close eye on her when she’s outside during the winter and bring her in as soon as her extra-strong Beagle nose is done inspecting and ensuring her backyard is secure.

We make sure she has a blanket to curl up on or a warm body to sit with when she comes back in, but it still takes her a while to stop shivering.

Now I’m wondering about a heated dog bed or blanket and if it’s worth investing in one. So I thought I would do some research and share it here.

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This Waterproof, Memory Foam Dog Bed Is A Winner

Product Name: Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

Manufacturer: Linen Spa

Price: Varies

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars on Amazon

Warranty: 3 years


I was researching other dog beds when I stumbled upon this Brindle dog bed on Amazon.  They have is advertised as an “Amazon’s Choice,” so I kept the tab open on my computer for two weeks because I wanted to know why.

Because I was intrigued, I thought you might be, too.

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How To Wash A Dog Bed To Help It Last Longer

How many of us love watching our dogs dream, roll around, and follow our every move from the comfort of their dog bed? I do! Now, how many of us have ever contemplated how to wash a dog bed? Me? Not very often.

Besides the obvious shedding, saliva, and stains, have you ever wondered what else might be living on and in your dog’s bed? Maybe ticks, lice, and dirt? Oh, and an unwashed bed can give an unwanted odor in your house; think of that before the big dinner-party this weekend.

We wash our own bedding – why not our dog’s? Here are some helpful tips…

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Is Your Dog Worth These Luxury Dog Beds?

I asked a friend who owns a couple of small dogs what she looks for in a dog bed.  One word: “Cute!”

And tell me this picture isn’t cute.  However, it certainly wouldn’t qualify as a comfy dog bed.

OK, if that’s the only criteria then what’s her options?  It turns out she has a lot of choices when it comes to looking for a luxury dog bed that’s cute – and usually a bit more pricey.  But to each their own and I know her dogs are loved and likely a bit spoiled.

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Are Chew Proof Dog Beds, Well, Chew Proof?

Chew Resistant Dog BedsOK, I’ve had many dogs over my 59 years as has my family, my friends, the neighbors, and, well, just about everybody I know. And regardless of dog breed most of them rip about apart most everything they can sink their teeth into, especially as puppies.

So when I came across some “chew proof dog beds” (catch the quotes) I was somewhat (a lot actually) skeptical. Are they really what they claim or do they merely slow the dog down? Maybe 50/50. Let’s take a look.

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